April 2020



Due to the current   COVID 19 situation, the shipping and delivery may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience.Berry, yet android developers are post and a drainage system Ostaa näitä sienilääkkeiden ilman reseptiä saatavista lääkkeistä. Levitra on ollut markkinoilla vuodesta 2003 ostaa alennus Cialis, Viagraa 25 mg verkossa zoll Että tiedät kaiken tehon, 139,99 [...]

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February 2020


This year, NR SIGN INC scheduled a day to day customer web training and after-sale service program via team viewer and skype to help the distributor for better customer care. Please send a request to  sales1@nrsign.com for the program. Dass man zuerst zum Arzt gehen muss und wenn du also eine natürliche Behandlungsmethode deiner Impotenz mit der [...]


February 2012

Neurophysiologic Basis of EEG and DC Potentials


Neurophysiologic Basis of EEG and DC Potentials Here is a link to a copy of an article titled “Neurophysiologic Basis of EEG and DC Potentials” by ERWIN-JOSEF SPECKMANN, CHRISTIAN E. ELGER, AND ALI GORJI.

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August 2016

Seeking Distributors


Seeking Distributors We are a Canadian manufacturer of EEG and EMG products, and we seek distributors for our products in your country. You are a successful distributor of medical equipment with a knowledge of your marketplace, and the distinct needs of your customers. You are looking for sources of new products to meet those needs. The responsibility of a [...]

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May 2014

NR Sign Inc. selected for 2013 Canadian Excellence Award


NR Sign Inc. selected for 2013 Canadian Excellence Award NR Sign Inc. has been recognized as a 2013 Canadian Excellence Award recipient by the US Trade & Commerce Institute. This is apparently a prestigious award. May 21st 2014 –  NR Sign Inc. has been selected for the 2013 Canadian Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors [...]

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February 2014

Visit From SFU Students


Visit From SFU Students Today we had some visitors from Simon Fraser University (SFU) bio-medical engineering, to learn about our products and development processes. See photos: EMG Demonstration EEG Demonstration

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December 2013

New Facebook Page


New Facebook Page We have a new page on Facebook. It’s our adventure into social media, so it’s only started. Take a look here: www.facebook.com/nrsign Drop by and like our page, maybe leave a message. And if you have not done so already, you can like this page by clicking on the like button [...]

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October 2013

Meet With NR SIGN at Medica 2013


Meet With NR SIGN at Medica 2013 MEDICA is the world‘s largest medical marketplace annually organized in November in Düsseldorf. With 115.000m² surface area, 4.500 exhibitors from 70 countries, 17 exhibition halls, 5 exhibition segments, 7 forums, 2 congresses and the guest as central point the MEDICA is truly the place to be. Will you be [...]

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September 2013

Brain Simulator


Brain Simulator This is a research project tool we developed. Constant voltage Bipolar Cortical Current stimulation ( 0 to 12 mA) Connectable to up to 64 channels of EEG electrode selection

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New Portable EMG Systems


New Portable EMG Systems NR Sign Manufacturing is proud to introduce two new portable EMG solutions. The EMG/NCV/EP 5000Q PRO Portable has 2 or 4 channels. The EMG/NCV/EP 5000Q Portable has 2 channels, and is ultra slim and easy to port. Both are available now. Please contact us for more details

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February 2013

4th Brain Development & Learning Conference 2013


4th Brain Development & Learning Conference 2013 The 4th conference in the biennial series on brain development and learning will take place July 24 – 28, 2013 in Vancouver. The conference presents important research findings in neuroscience and child development in ways parents, doctors, teachers, and others can understand, see the immediate relevance [...]

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