September 2013

Brain Simulator


Brain Simulator This is a research project tool we developed. Constant voltage Bipolar Cortical Current stimulation ( 0 to 12 mA) Connectable to up to 64 channels of EEG electrode selection

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November 2012

Medica 2012 Report


Medica 2012 Report We just got back from a busy time at Medica 2012. And thought to share some with you. There was a lot of interest in NR Sign and our products, especially from Europe and the Middle East. We met a lot of people, including doctors, potential and existing distributors and [...]

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October 2012

Health Canada Certification


Health Canada Certification NR Sign has just received Health Canada Certification for it’s world-leading EEG products. We are extremely happy, as this opens the door to selling our products to the Canadian market. If you are from a Canadian clinic or hospital and you are looking for exceptional Canadian-made EEG solutions, please contact us today. [...]

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September 2012

Clinical Trial Of Invasive EEG


Clinical Trial Of Invasive EEG NR SIGN’s invasive EEG was recently tested for the first time in the ICU of the Epilepsy Center Razavi Hospital in Mashhad, Iran. The system was a version of the NR SIGN EEG 5000Q, with special electrodes that were surgically implanted in the patient’s brain. It was tested [...]

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